We have collected 30+ Memorial Day trivia questions and answers to see how much you and your loved ones know about the sincere holiday and the true meaning and history behind it. Memorial Day is a festival in honor of the most dedicated soldiers who sacrificed their lives. Are you confused or associated with Veterans ‘Day or Soldiers’ Day? Memorial Day is not only a reminder of those who fought in the war, but also as an illegal game until the summer. There is more to Memorial day than just grilling American meat and flags.


Collection of Memorial Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Question: What city is known as the birthplace of Memorial Day?
Answer: Waterloo, New York


Question: What was the original fame/known of the Memorial?
Answer: Decoration Day

Question: On what day was the Memorial first observed?
Answer: May 30, 1868

Question: When was the day of the Memorial designated by the provincial government?
Answer: 1967

Question: What action moved the Memorial date from May 30 to the last Monday in May each year?

Answer: Unusual Monday Holiday Law

Question: When did the Memorial day transfer from May 30 to the last Monday in May?
Answer: 1971

Question: Whose field was Arlington National Cemetery?
Answer: Robert E. Lee

Q: Who spoke at the first Memorial Day event at Arlington National Cemetery?
Answer: James A. Garfield

Q: When was the tomb of the unknown in Arlington National Cemetery built?
Answer: November 11, 1921

Q: Which poem inspired the tradition of wearing and planting poppy flowers for the Memorial?
Answer: “Flanders Fields” by John McCrae

Q: “Flanders Fields” was inspired by the war itself?
Answer: World War I

Question: In which provinces is the Confederate Memorial Day observed?
Answer: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia

Question: What time does the national Memorial season take place on each day of the Memorial?
Answer: 3 pm local time

Q: Which president has signed the National Moment of Remembrance Act?
Answer: Bill Clinton

Question: “The Memorial was initially held in honor of those who have fallen in battle.
Answer: American Civil W


Question: Who is thanked for creating the Memorial?
Answer: General John A. Logan

Question: How should American flags celebrate Memorial Day?
Answer: Half work until noon, then work full time until sunset

Question: When was the word “Taps” written?
Answer: 1862

Question: Why is the date of the Memorial in May?
Answer: So flowers will bloom to decorate the graves of soldiers

Question: How many participants decorated the tombs for the first day of the Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery?
Answer: 5,000

Question: How many fallen soldiers were honored on the first day of the Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery?
Answer: 20,000

Q: One of the first ceremonies honoring fallen Union Civil War soldiers was held on May 1, 1865, who in town?
Answer: Free slaves and U.S. Colored troops. Charleston, South Carolina

Q: Which senator and World War II veterans are counting on bringing back Memorial Day to May 30 until we die in 2012?
Answer: Senator Daniel Inouye

Question: What historical reminder was given at the Memorial in 1922?
Answer: Lincoln Monument

Question: Did the ancient Greeks mark one of the first signs of respect for fallen soldiers?
Answer: Peloponnesian War

Q: How many Americans died in the Civil War?
Answer: About 620,000

Q: How many Americans visit Arlington National Cemetery each year?
Answer: About 40 million

Q: During the shortage of natural popes in 1924, which city was the first to make artificial popes?
Answer: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Q: Annual cycling convention in Washington, D.C. What is the name of each Memorial day?
Answer: Rolling Thunder Run

Q: What is Rolling Thunder Run aiming to raise awareness about?
Answer: Prisoners of war and out of the army

Memorial Day Trivia Quiz Test

1. What day of the week is observed on Memorial Day?

a. Monday
b. Tuesday
c. Wednesday
d. Saturday
2. Whom do we honor by observing the Memorial?
a. The president
b. Managers
c. Soliders have fallen
d. Easter Bunny
3. Is Waterloo, New York named after the President’s birthday?
a. President Abraham Lincoln
b. President Lyndon Johnson
c. President Bill Clinton
d. President Teddy Roosevelt
4. Which major national cemeteries are named after them?
a. Waterloo National Cemetery
b. George Washington National Cemetery
c. Calverton National Cemetery
d. National Tomb of World War II
5. Where is it found?
a. Calverton, New York
b. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
c. Tampa, Florida
d. Arlington, Virginia
6. There is something different in Arlington National Cemetery Cemetery. What’s going on?
a. unknown Soldier’s Tomb
b. A rare flower in the world
c. Grave sites
d. Playground
7. How many soldiers were initially buried in the tomb of an unknown soldier?
a. 4
b. 3
c. 2
d. 1
8. Since 1998, how many soldiers are currently buried in an unknown Military Tomb?
a. 3
b. 2
c. 1
d. 0
9. Who has been credited with being the first to announce that shops have been closed for one day to honor soldiers returning from a civil war?
a. President Abraham Lincoln
b. Henry Welles
c. General Robert E. Lee
d. UJEB Stuart

10. In 1866, townspeople and living soldiers laid flowers at the graves of fallen soldiers. Before the Memorial, what was the name of the day?
a. Day of Peace
b. Remembrance Day
c. Remembrance Day
d. Decoration day

1. A. Monday
2. C. The fallen soldiers
3. B. President Lyndon Johnson
4. C. Calverton National Cemetery
5. A. Calverton, New York
6. A. unknown Soldier’s Tomb
7. A. 4
8. A. 3
9. B. Henry Welles
10. D. Decoration Day

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