Many American citizens remember Memorial Day prayers for services they performed to offer thanks and show regard for the individuals who served in the military. We have selected 16 best Memorial day prayer models to say thanks to the families of soldiers on 31 May.


Collection of Memorial Day Prayers

Prayers for Memorial Day services may include of time sacred writings joined by unspontaneous words. Follow the given one of the given prayer samples to adore the service of military heroes in no time by presenting in card or cassette.

1 Memorial Day Prayer: Remembering Those Who Have Fought for Our Freedom

Opportunity is a blessing, it’s a fortune. What’s more, however, we as a whole may concur on that reality, it’s regularly simple to underestimate the best blessings that God has given us in our lives.
However, those most valuable endowments are rarely free. They accompanied a cost. With penance. They merited battling for. Areas were yet worth battling for now. Many fearless people were able to confront hard fights with the end goal for us to appreciate that endowment of opportunity today.
For each one of the individuals who have secured our country, for the people in uniform, together, we say “Much obliged.”
We set aside an effort to recall today, and say a prayer of thankfulness for the numerous who have been willing to address an extraordinary cost for our opportunity. May God assists us with living so boldly, may we follow the courageous instances of the individuals who have gone before us…
Much obliged to you for advising us that there’s mind-blowing adoration and penance showed when one will remain steadfast and battle for the opportunity.
This help of adoration and penance for all individuals, focuses us straightforwardly on the best love of all, the very blessing and penance of Christ.
Our Savior was able to die, with the goal that we can carry on with total freedom. Until the end of time.
Dear God,


We thank you for the opportunity you have given to us, and at the cost that was paid by Christ so we could carry on with total freedom. We recall today. The expense, all things considered, The incredible penance for the opportunity.
We thank you for the fearless people who have battled and keep on battling, so boldly for our country. We request your covering and gift over them and their families. We supplicate that you would be benevolent and circle them with your tranquility. We appeal to God for your extraordinary blessing and goodness to be clear in their lives.
Kindly be with each one of the individuals who wear the uniform, who serve our networks and country each and every day. We ask that you give your security, that you would be their controlling power who drives the way, and their back monitor who protects them from behind. We ask that you would attract them to yourself in the midst of the risks they face in a dim world, for you are the Truth, you are the Way, you are the Light.
Assist them with strolling carefully. To remain canvassed in your covering. Give them authentic acumen. Make them continually mindful of what hides nearby. Assist them with being people of prayer, understanding that this is the place where their most noteworthy assistance comes from. Assist them with remaining joined together and solid, strong and steadfast, decided and unfaltering. Favor their families. Favor those they love. Give them your extraordinary blessing, this day, and consistently. 

Much obliged to you that in our country today, we are allowed to love. We are allowed to implore. We are allowed to peruse your Word. We are allowed to talk. We are allowed to share. For this, we are staggeringly appreciative. However, we see how rapidly these opportunities can be removed. Give us an expanded consciousness of the otherworldly fight we’re in. Assist us with remaining steadfast in you and for your motivations. Much thanks to you that as adherents, we can be guaranteed, you won’t ever leave us, and are with us generally, in this life, and the following.
Much thanks to you for your fact that says, who the Son sets free will be free surely! We realize that in you alone, a genuine opportunity is found.
May God favors America, and those who have forfeited so incredibly for our opportunity, and steadfastly served our country.

15 Short Memorial Day Prayers


 1 Honoring Fallen Soldiers Through Prayer

Sadly, no prayer can pay for those who gave up their lives for a peaceful and free world. But as citizens protected by those in service, we can celebrate and care for those who have passed away through prayer according to our faith traditions and reminders such as military funeral flag ceremonies.
Of course, not all people come from a history where prayer is the most important thing in their lives. That being said, even a moment of deep contemplation of others can be a great way to refresh our minds.

2 For those who have died in active duty” from the Church of England

“For those who died working hard
O God of truth and justice,
we hold before you those men and women
who died working diligently… ”
Believers in the Christian faith may view this prayer as a consolation, as well as a memorial of mercy and a sincere request for mercy from those who have died in the service of their country.

3 “The Soldier’s Prayer” by Lewis Millett

“I fought when others were afraid to serve.
I have gone where others have failed to go.
I have lost my friends in war and in strife,
Who values Duty more than the love of life…
I have seen men who are more adventurous than men,
I have seen the work, the respect, the sacrifices of the soldier.
Now I understand the purpose of our lives,
The loss of a partner is not very old.
So to you who answered the call of the siren,
May God bless you my son, and God bless you all. ”
Soldiers on duty and the call to serve can hold a special place of courage and courage in our hearts, especially if we are asked to continue on repeated journeys.
Millett’s non-denominational prayer is centered on the meaning and understanding that comes from experiencing war, and soldiers can find comfort on Memorial Day by remembering these things and how they put their memories into context.

4 “Prayer for Good for Evil, Dark Light” from Hindus

“Fill the Heart with the oil of love.
Put on it a straight-line concept.
Enlighten it with True Knowledge and delete it
the darkness of ignorance surrounding it.
Just as one lamp shines many lamps; let each one
young people ignite this light in many hearts. ”
Many members of the armed forces started as a child, looking for ways to protect their own country. This prayer is useful for wisdom in any subject, but especially when we mourn the loss of a person in a battle or wonder how our loved ones are doing while on the job.

5 “Antim Ardas Festival” from Sikhism

“Death is premeditated – no one coming can stay here.”
The Sri Guru Granth Sahib, or a major fragment of the Sikhism text, presents this line as part of the “Antim Ardas Festival.”
This ritual prayer can be a powerful reminder that death is a natural process. It can also be an important reminder that the universe is in full swing when it comes to personal pain and suffering on Memorial Day.

6 “Dua to Close the Eyes of the Dead” from Islam

“O Allah, forgive [human name] and exalt his position among those who are guided. Send him on the way of those who have come before, and forgive us with him, Lord of the world. Raise his grave and enlighten him with it. ”
This Islamic prayer for the burial of a loved one can be very helpful to those who have made sacrifices in the war when they die.

7 “Traditional Buddhist Prayer” from Buddhism

“May all people have happiness and cause for happiness;
May they all be free from sorrow and the causes of sorrow;
May all of them never be separated from the sad sacred joy;
And may they all live inequality, without excessive attachment and deep hatred,
And live to believe in the equality of all living things. ”
This beautiful prayer can bring comfort to those who have lost a loved one in death on the day of the Memorial, and it can serve as a powerful reminder to treat all with respect and dignity, regardless of past injuries or conflicts.

8 The Sacred Prayer of Sects

“Remember the sufferings of the innocent victims;
give them peace of mind, physical therapy,
and a renewed faith in your protection and care.
We give this through Christ our Lord. ”
Memorial Day is also important to keep in mind not only the sacrifices made by the members of the church but also the lives of innocent people whose lives were lost during the war. Offering a prayer for everyone affected by the war can also help on a day like the Memorial.

9 “Let Us Be United” in the Hindu Rig Veda

“… let us speak in agreement;
Let our minds hold on to the same.
Our regular prayer has been,
Usually the end of our meeting;
Usually, it has been our decision;
Usually our conversations.
Give our feelings;
Let our hearts be one;
Usually, it has been our goal;
Our unity is complete. ”
When a loved one dies serving our country, it can be difficult to process as we try to think of their last thoughts. This Hindu prayer can include the time of tribulation, and it can be used at a military funeral, to remind everyone that we all want peace and unity.

10 “The Unexpected Prayer of Military Parents

“The love of God
you look after each of your children
Hear my prayer for father/mother
Always be his friend.
Protect her wherever you go,
and bring him back safely and quickly to the home of those who love him.
This we ask through Christ our Lord. ”
On the day of the Memorial, it has become even more so for children that their families are not at war. This comforting prayer can help a child feel confident about a parent’s return.

11 “The Silent Prayer of the Soldiers on duty”

“Dear Lord Jesus and Mary, Mother of God,
Hold all these brave souls in the palm of your hand, and comfort them and their families.
Send angels of protection, love, and comfort to all soldiers and women of war,
bring them home safely and comfort their families. ”
If you have a friend or family member who is a military partner and a workmate, consider sharing this Catholic prayer with them. On the day of the Memorial, we will remember not only those who have died but also those who continue to work and the families that have been waiting for them.

12 From “A Hindu Peace Prayer” from Hinduism (from the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence)

“I do not want an earthly kingdom, nor great freedom from birth and death …
May all good things bring peace to us. May your wisdom spread peace throughout the earth.
May everything be a source of peace for all and for me.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti (Peace, peace, peace). ”
The Hindu belief in death and rebirth may be a reminder to those who have lost loved ones in war and can continue to learn from their sacrifice. Their stories can help further the causes of world peace and wisdom.

13 “Prayer for the Victims of War” from the Catholic Church

“God Almighty,
Today, we honor those who are men and women—
Our sons and our daughters,
Men and women,
Fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers—
They have laid down their lives for the sake of their country.
Whether you are tired or brave, quiet or contemptuous,
They are in danger or ready when You call them home,
Their sacrifice is too humble to mention
apart from the mention of prayer.
Dear Lord, bless them forever with your eternal peace…
Appreciate their spirit, honor their commitment,
send our love to us,
and I will never forget the service they performed. ”
All members of the military who died on duty were also family members. They could be a parent, a spouse, a sibling, or a friend.
A prayer like this one from a Catholic religion hopes to make it easier for members of their grieving community. In addition, it can remind them of the glorious pursuit of human sacrifice.

14 “Jewish Prayer for Peace” from Judaism

“… And we will have to beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore. and they will not learn war anymore… ”
When service members return from work, they may feel uncomfortable returning to a place where they are not always alert.
On the day of the Memorial or any other day, mentioning this verse from the Jewish religion may provide some support for church members who want to start anew at home. It can bring comfort to those who are grieving or remembering past military victories.

15 “Lao-tzu Prayer for Peace” from Taoism

“If there is peace in the earth,
There must be peace among the nations.
If there is peace among the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.
If there is peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.
If there is peace among men,
There should be peace in the home.
If peace prevails at home,
There should be peace in the heart. ”
As one of the founders of Taoist philosophy, Lao-tzu’s prayer for peace demonstrates how personal peace is directly linked to world peace. Out of the effort of love and kindness in the human heart.

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